Recently I updated a plugin Qrtipsy, which i had launched sometime ago. It is a simple plugin. It creates Qr Codes for your links in a post/page. Now, if you scan that Qr Code the corresponding link opens up in your mobile browser. Pretty Simple, huh? The Qr Code is displayed in a tooltip, when a user hovers over the link. The tooltip has nice little Skin of its own which is defined with css. It has 5 default skins, from which you can select any one.

More over, it has setting for adjusting the size of the Qr Code. Along with that you can adjust the fade out time of the tooltip which is in milliseconds. Along with plugin you can even define your own skin as shown in the documentation. If you want to override the default skin to a particular skin then you explicitly add the skin which will then be set as the skin.

If any one is having issues you let me know in the comments I’ll get back to you soon.